Dance Classes

Baby and Parents Dance:  Developmentally appropriate movement explorations of infant and toddler patterns and ways in which the primary relationships with parents can support and help navigate growth, change, and uniqueness in each child. The class consist of parents and babies moving together, observing patterns, and adapting to each other.

Creative Movement for Children:  A class in which we explore: the many ways we can jump, roll, gather, scatter, fling, float, transition, move to a beat, dance a story, find pathways, slow down, reach for the stars, get grounded, and a million other things. Ages 3-5, 6-8

JustDance: A class grounded in safe somatics practices with an inherent focus on individual empowerment and needs and on creating community in a social justice framework. What that all means: we respect ourselves and are nice to each other. We are nice to ourselves and respect each other. We dance together.