Community-Based Dance Practices

Open up your group’s creative juices and collective visioning with a specifically-designed experiential using dance/movement.

Building a community of shared purpose and action is easier to do through crowd-sourced artmaking.

For community-based problem-solving: Movement experiences are a fun and creative way to generate shared possible solutions to issues and problems. For example, in a series of sessions I developed long ago, a group of community members investigated alternative transportation approaches in a city that was divided socially, culturally, and geographically. After exploring a variety of embodied and shared movement experiences of the concept of “transport”, several possible solutions were floated within the group, two of which were developed further.

For community-building: Play, improvisation, and idea development in a safe environment are key to overcoming distance and distrust. I have led business and community groups through a process of co-creating community.

Movement choirs are a structured approach to creating a shared and devised work that can be performed or just experienced by the group within a 2-3 hour session. The results are a sense of joy and connection that can be lasting.