I am a Certified Movement Analyst in Laban Movement Analysis, a dance educator, choreographer/movement designer, a movement therapist, a somatics practitioner, and a new Canadian permanent resident.

I have coached actors, dancers, politicians, and business leaders in specific nonverbal communications techniques, character development, and healthy living.  I developed a program for seniors, Strides, and I have worked with business and political leaders, people with injuries or movement disorders, women finding empowerment, and children with challenges.

As an educator, I have created community-based practices for finding common ground with groups. I have authored a book about Rudolf Laban,  researched expressive movement and neuroscience, fostered standards-based and evidence-based curricula, articles, and reports. I have studied global dance practices and firmly believe that through an understanding of how our world-views manifest in the nonverbal, we can find ways to work together and create better communities and a saner planet.

Newly retired from higher education,  I have moved to Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore with my husband, Richard Bell, where we oversee a newspaper, the Eastern Shore Cooperator. I am available for workshops, movement coaching sessions, and leadership training.

Contact: 902.717.7607 or kbradley608@msn.com